When it comes to turning around, leave the steering to us

Nn star pool brings experienced professionals who by working at the senior most positions have successfully led the turnaround of the large organizations. We go beyond the accounting centric mindset that is usually prevalent with Turnaround consultants to the organization building approach. Through our Turnaround model, we hand hold the organizations through the turbulent Turnaround phase and help them re-trace sustainable and profitable growth.

Change Management: A turnaround program inevitably results in the exodus of current leaders and entry of new leaders. If not managed with care and diligence, the change management can lead to distrust and stress within the organization. Optimax Mentors enable organizations undertake the transformation smoothly and help create motivated management teams.

Human Resource Management: We help manage downsizing, statutory compliance, employee morale and incentive alignment.

Financial Management: We hand hold organizations in carrying out complex financial exercises of valuation and projection, and overall financial management

Assets Liquidation: We help organizations unlock working capital to pay debtors and fuel more profitable lines of business

Corporate Strategy: Turnaround requires a path breaking corporate strategy. We conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis and develop strategy to cash on the opportunities by riding on strengths.

Merger and Acquisitions: A successful merger or acquisition can be the cornerstone of turnaround program. In line with the corporate strategy, we identify, evaluate and see through a successful merger or acquisition.

Organization Re-Design: We set up the new organization structure which is in sync with new corporate strategy and business goals.