Threat Assessment

Our starting point on every security project is to assess the security threats and to create a realistic and cost-effective strategy aimed at reducing the overall risk to an acceptable and manageable level. In identifying threats, we look at every aspect, from petty crime to terrorism, and provide balanced advice based on the reality of the situation. The risks for iconic landmarks in a city, whose high profile makes them a potential target for terrorists, would be very different from those of hospitals, where priorities would be preventing unauthorized access into wards and controlling access to equipment and medical supplies.

Nn star pool  also conducts security reviews of existing premises to understand current security situations and vulnerabilities, while developing appropriate treatment strategies and audits to assess the compliance of organizations to specific government or industry standards.

In a world of evolving threats from crime and terrorism, we bring peace of mind to our clients with creative and balanced strategies with wide-ranging solutions, to safeguard people, property, business and industry.