Startup Consulting

The difference between a good idea and a successful one is the execution.

If you have a unique business idea with a reasonable proof of concept, and in which you have invested significant time and energy, we will partner with you to turn your idea into a business reality. Through our experience and expertise in start-ups, we partner with entrepreneurs from Strategy to Execution. Our Start Up Consulting model covers every critical and must-do aspect of starting a venture or a new line within existing business.

Mentoring – We mentor entrepreneurs and help them define Vision, Mission and lay down the road map for achieving it.

Market and Competitive Landscape – We map the major players in the space on various key parameters like their competencies, products, price and sales channels, etc. and help you get a comprehensive view of your market space.

Corporate Strategy – Sound strategy is the cornerstone of success for any business. Together we define the strategy for your company that would help realize your vision into reality.

Business Plan – Without a sound business plan, organizations lose focus and direction. Once the corporate strategy is finalized, we translate it into a comprehensive business and financial plan with clearly defined milestones.

Funding Facilitation – We facilitate Private Equity and VC funding of ventures that have a unique product or service and a sound business model. We facilitate funding only for ventures in which the founders have invested significant time and energy, proved the concept and put a committed team in place.

Strategic Tie-ups – We scout and evaluate the potential tie-ups with vendors, partners and clients and help start ups build the right network from the very onset.

Organization Design – We help start ups design the right organization structure to achieve the desired business objectives

Go To Market – Go To Market strategy can make all the difference between successful and not so successful businesses. We evaluate the market segments and create an optimum channel strategy to take your products and services to the right set of customers.

Legal Support – We offer legal support to start up ventures. For example, providing answers to the queries related to the type of setup useful for them (partnership or company).

Intellectual Property Management – We help start ups manage their intellectual property, file patents, copyrights and trade secrets to ensure that core competency of the venture is legally protected.