Conflicts and Disputes are imminent in any business operation.

With Courts and Judicial Delivery System in India being extremely overburdened with millions of cases involving civil/commercial disputes, the Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) mechanism is gaining grounds and coming to the rescue of the disputing parties. Indian laws are evolving very fast and judiciary has been rising up to the need of resorting to Arbitration and Mediation in commercial disputes for speedy resolution in tune with the international practices.

We have a state of the art facility matching international standards in terms of infrastructure and expertise in providing both institutional as well as ad-hoc arbitrations and mediations being conducted by internationally accredited and highly experienced neutrals.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is the future of ADR for dynamic business enterprises. We have developed a highly efficient and robust ODR mechanism capable of international operations through use of latest technology and with the intervention of neutrals specially trained and experienced in ODR.