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Conflicts and Disputes are imminent in any business operation. With Courts and Judicial Delivery System in India being extremely overburdened with millions of cases involving civil/commercial disputes, the Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) mechanism is gaining grounds and coming to the rescue of the disputing parties.


Contracts and MOUs form the very basis of business relationships and are most crucial in their operations. Our team of legal professionals specially trained and skilled in contract drafting and legal writings ensure incorporation of all essential safeguards and protections of business partners besides crucial operational clauses, covering virtually all types and kinds of contracts and MOUs.

Legal Due Diligence

Well planned and carefully executed plans pave a smooth path for the business enterprises to prevent difficult situations and road blocks in the due course of their businesses. Our legal professionals will conduct a thorough legal scrutiny of various documents, plans and business blueprints…

POSH – Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace not only traumatizes the women workforce in the organization but also dents its goodwill and image thus making difficult to attract new talent and retain the existing one thus adversely affecting the productivity and profitability.

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Legal Consulting

Our team of legal professionals provide legal consultation and render advise on the most appropriate legal course of action on all issues involving domestic as well as international laws.

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