Defence Affairs

We help organisations to evolve and contribute to strengthen national security


We are a leading consulting company specializing in defense, homeland security, aerospace, offset solutions, logistics, programme management and office support etc. We provide a full range of consulting services to include market analysis, identification of opportunities, strategy planning, marketing, industrial cooperation, the management of projects and field support.



The company draws its strength from the pool of experienced executives from military, Ministry of Defense (MoD), Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and industry background having relevant domain knowledge due to decades of engagement with military/industry.

Research and Projects

We undertake research and analysis of the market to support the business of the clients and provide customized sector specific reports mapping the market opportunities for the clients.

Offset Solutions

The team has comprehensive knowledge on defense procurement procedures, offset policies, procurement processes of police and para military forces, government rules and regulations, international business, research and advisory, project management and technical consultancy.

Administrative Support & Events

Our past work experience puts us in a unique position to understand the emerging business opportunities and help the clients to formulate the strategies to achieve desired success.

Outsourcing & Maintenance Projects

The practical experience of the company executives gives us the ability to clearly understand the users, industry and government perspectives.

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