Security Audit & MitigatioCyber Crime

Technical Solutions for Improved Security
Our technical solutions include, among other things, video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and communications systems, prohibited object and substance detection equipment, real-time location systems, emergency notification devices and perimeter protection design. We work in close partnership with multidisciplinary design teams to ensure that security systems are integrated with a project’s building systems, such as public address, lighting, vertical transportation, visitor management or fire and life safety systems. In addition to system design, we support our clients through the tender and construction process, conduct on-site compliance reviews and participate in final system testing and commissioning.

Calm and Peace of Mind
Our security consultants have wide-ranging civilian, police and military backgrounds and extensive operational and industry experience. This, combined with the expertise of colleagues across project design teams and our in-house specialists in security-relevant fields such as crowd management, IT network security and enterprise resilience, allows us to develop highly effective, efficient and holistic strategies to mitigate the threat of crime and terrorism for properties of all kinds, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and the occupants of their buildings.