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Tailored Security Solutions

We work across a wide range of market sectors, with portfolio expertise that ranges from high-rise buildings, bridges, depots, administrative buildings, private commercial and residential developments, government property, hospitals, educational establishments, data centers, research complexes, airports, ports and railway stations.

Threat Assessment

In a world of evolving threats from crime and terrorism, we bring peace of mind to our clients with creative and balanced assessment & strategies with wide-ranging solutions, to safeguard people, property, business and industry.

Security Audit & Mitigation

Nn star pool also conducts security reviews of existing premises to understand current security situations and vulnerabilities, while developing appropriate treatment strategies and audits to assess the compliance of organizations to specific government or industry standards.

Security Consultancy

Our approach is an integrated security strategy, which combines planning, technology and management, includes physical, technical and procedural solutions and considers current and future security requirements. Security is subject to a plethora of government and industry standards, police recommendations and planning requirements, which vary from region to region.

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Cyber Crime

Our technical solutions include, among other things, video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and communications systems, prohibited object and substance detection equipment, real-time location systems, emergency notification devices and perimeter protection design.

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