Security Consultancy

Over the last decades, security has evolved into a highly sophisticated field of expertise that addresses both current and emerging threats. The security threats we face, ranging from traditional crime to terrorism and cyber-attacks, are constantly evolving as the methods of criminals and terrorists increase in sophistication. Against this background, our security experts at Optimax, work with public security officials, building owners, developers, architects and security managers within organizations to safeguard people, property and businesses against loss and injury.

Practical Security Solutions that take genuine business needs into account
Our approach is an integrated security strategy, which combines planning, technology and management, includes physical, technical and procedural solutions and considers current and future security requirements. Criminals and terrorists constantly seek new ways to penetrate our defences; therefore we design flexibility into our security solutions to ensure they can be updated as new threats emerge.

Security is subject to a plethora of government and industry standards, police recommendations and planning requirements, which vary from region to region. By combining our knowledge of these with our insight into the workings of the criminal mind and our understanding of local crime patterns, we apply our technical expertise to the optimization of our clients’ budgets for security provision. By working closely with core design teams of engineers and architects from the earliest design stages, and continually refining and reviewing our advice as project designs develop, we deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that also blend with the architecture and support the function of the building.